About this site

We have nightly benchmark runs of pypy, together with cpython data for comparison.

This site runs on top of Django and Codespeed

About the benchmarks

The benchmark code can be found here.

This is a benchmark suite based on Unladen Swallow, adapted for PyPY and runs on Python2 and Python3. Also see the python speed site

About PyPy

PyPy is a very compliant implementation of the Python language.

Main website: www.pypy.org

Blog: www.pypy.org/blog/

About Codespeed

Codespeed is a web application to monitor and analyze the performance of your code.

Code: PyPy branch of python fork of codespeed

Wiki: wiki.github.com/tobami/codespeed/


For problems or suggestions about this website write to

the PyPy team or directly to Miquel Torres (tobami at googlemail dot com)